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Inner Circle Elite: 15 Minutes to Build A Chatbot

As an AI researcher and startup scout, I am constantly on the lookout for the latest trends.

One of the biggest ones I’ve seen recently is a movement towards making complex technology easier for everyone to use.

The technology for creating custom AI chatbots has been around for almost a year… but in order to use it you need technical skills and spare time. 

But that seems to be changing…

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with a founder who is developing a tool that will allow anyone to quickly load documents into an AI and build a chatbot.

The tool is called Cerum and is surprisingly simple to use. I tested it out myself… 

With a folder of James' old posts and books, I loaded them into the platform and in no time, was able to build a digital version of James. 

Armed with years of James’ writing samples and priceless insights, the bot was able to spit out pretty amazing gems like:

  • "Don't worry about finding your passion. Just date your interests for a while. If you accidentally impregnate your interest, tell her you’re going out to buy a pack of smokes and never return."
  • "Remember, everyone is just making it up as they go. So, if you ever feel like you have no idea what you're doing, just remember that the pilot who is flying your plane probably doesn’t either.”

It was like having a little pull-string James on my shelf, full of fortune cookie sized bites of wisdom.

But although a magic 8 ball James is great, we’re here to make money.

Earn Extra Income with Minimal Effort

With Cerum, I’m immediately struck by the opportunity to create virtual customer service agents for small businesses.

Across the US, there are hundreds of thousands of small business owners who could begin making more money tomorrow if they had more hours in the day.

Learning how to effectively use AI tools to help these small business owners maximize their productivity is perhaps the easiest way to make money with minimal effort.

If the business has been around for a little while, they likely already have some sort of customer service manual, FAQs, or customer service emails. 

For you, it's simply a matter of loading these documents in a tool like Cerum, showing the business how to use it, and charging a fee.

The great thing is, Cerum is just one of countless tools now on the market that make it easy for small business owners to automate tasks. 

Although most small business owners don’t subscribe to James’ services, you do. Use this information to your advantage and you’ll be able to earn extra income while the tool does most of the work for you.

As always, James and the team here at Altucher’s Investment Network Pro are continuing to look for ways to cash in on the AI gold rush. Stay tuned to your inbox for more. 

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