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Monthly Mastermind: The Creative Paradigm Shift

James here with your AI Mastermind interview…

The AI era we live in now has brought with it a shift in the creative world.

Most of us know about ChatGPT by now, which can come up with creative ideas, write entire essays, poems, etc. But some may not realize that generative AI has also taken the world of art by storm.

Right now AI has the capacity to produce art and music that can truly rival and imitate human creations. These capabilities are remarkable, but they also leave us wondering about AI’s ability to deceive and manipulate.

With all this in mind, I decided to talk with a true legend in the music industry… 

Vernon Reid is the founder of rock band Living Colour and is known as one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. But he’s not only a music icon… he also has vast experience and passion for technology. 

Together we discuss the pivotal developments of AI and how they affect privacy and security in the creative world.

We cover a lot of interesting stuff in this one, so click on the image below to listen to the full interview…

Click the button below to view the full transcript of this interview:

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