It’s Unanimous — Buy This NOW!

It’s rare for our entire team to predict the exact same thing.

But now they ALL say a big breakout is imminent.

“The bulls are getting in position to take control,” says our top technical analyst, Alan Knuckman.

“Once it goes, it won’t look back,” agrees trade specialist Greg Guenthner.

“Make the move now,” chimes in Rude Awakening’s Sean Ring.

In a second, I’ll tell you exactly what they see ahead… and share a few specific ways to cash in on it.

Before we get to that, though, let’s look at our Top Stories and the Reader Forum.

Your Top Stories & Analysis of the Week:

  • “Investment Lessons From a Poker Shark'' (Rich Retirement Letter, Zach Scheidt): Investing and gambling have a lot more in common than you probably realize. In fact, as Zach explains, the best way to approach both is with a healthy understanding of risks vs. rewards. He tells us about his thought process during a recent hand of poker — and how you can apply that wisdom to your own portfolio. Zach also shares the name of a specific stock whose odds are currently tipped in your favor.
  • “The Bears are Eating Your Tech Stocks” (The Daily Reckoning, Greg Guenthner): Last week was rough for tech stocks, with some of the biggest names suffering dizzying falls. And while a lot of people are worried that there’s much worse to come, Greg says things aren’t as grim as they appear. He walks you through a few different scenarios. Then he shares three rules that can help you protect your wealth when the markets are this choppy.
  • “Our World Is in Turmoil, so De-Risk!” (Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, Byron King): The world is still reeling from Hamas’ surprise attack against Israel. And in the most recent issue of Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, Byron compares the situation to a personal experience he had as a Naval pilot in the Persian Gulf. He not only explains what could happen next in the Middle East, but also suggests several stocks that can help you prepare for it. It’s a very unique look at a top-of-mind topic, with some timely and practical advice, too. So I’ve unlocked an excerpt of Byron’s article for you.

Remember, we publish tens to HUNDREDS of stories. The write-ups and presentations above are our TOP ones for the week — including one that had been roped off from the public. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, make sure you’re caught up now.

And if you’d like to nominate any of our stories for next week’s “Top 3,” just let me know at

The Reader Forum:

First up for today’s Reader’s Forum, Adam M. tells us about his recent interaction with a member of my team:

Jerome was one of the nicest people I’ve spoken with and he was very knowledgeable. I'm happy that such people are affiliated with Paradigm.

That’s great to hear, Adam! We pride ourselves on hiring the absolute best of the best, whether we’re talking financial analysts or the men and women who are standing by to help our members.

I’ll be very happy to pass this along to Jerome.

Next up, Steve J. shares his experiences with Zach Scheidt’s Income Alliance in a five-star Google review:

Just made double my lifetime subscription in one trade… not to mention all the other profitable closed trades. (This was two weeks ago.) Today, I closed ONE trade that made over $12,000 on a $1,000 investment in a matter of FOUR days! WOW!!!

Wow indeed, Steve!

Zach has delivered some excellent gains recently, and your review puts the power of those wins into perspective. Thanks for taking the time to write it — and I expect Zach will bring you even more profits in the weeks and months ahead.

In the meantime, you can bet I’ll be sending this to Zach.

Finally for today, while we’re encouraged by the compliments we receive, I’m also happy to answer your questions whenever I can.

In fact, we received a few questions about last week’s Concierge Letter. Ken G. tells us:

“This AI Bargain” is not apparent to the casual reader. Which is it?

I apologize for the confusion, Ken, especially since you’re not the only person who asked.

It wasn’t supposed to be a mystery. Of the three biggest names in artificial intelligence — Microsoft Inc. (MSFT), (AMZN) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) — only “one has the most avenues of monetization,” according to our team.

“Microsoft has a clear edge over its competitors,” I wrote, “with a clear path for boosting its bottom line.”

I also pointed out that ”Microsoft’s shares are currently trading $30 lower than they were in July.” In other words, they were available at a bargain price.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t pick up on that, you missed out.

Microsoft was trading for around $335 a share when our issue went out last Monday. This morning they opened at $353.45 — up 5% in a week. The shares are now about $6 below their July high…

And that wraps up this week’s Reader Forum.

Remember, your feedback is vital to our success… so please email me at

Questions? I’ll get answers! Comments? Let me hear them! Problems? I’ll try to solve them!

This is YOUR forum!

(And remember, for customer service issues, use our contact page.)

Now, here’s what’s happening around the water cooler this week…

The Water Cooler — Upcoming Events and More

It’s no secret that some of our top analysts strongly recommend owning gold.

Our Jim Rickards tells anyone who will listen to allocate at least 10% of your portfolio to precious metals.

Sean Ring devoted a recent Rude Awakening to “10 Glittering Reasons to Buy Gold Right Now.

Now our trading experts are also seeing signs of an impending precious metals breakout…

Greg Guenthner, the man behind The Trading Desk, points out that gold’s price has “already broken out when priced in euros, the pound, etc.”

In other words, it’s gaining ground even though the dollar is getting stronger, too. If the value of the dollar starts to fall, gold will go through the roof.

Or as Alan Knuckman, who runs The Profit Wire with Dave Gonigam, puts it, “When the dollar stops going higher, it’s going to be like afterburners for the gold market.”

When that happens, share prices for big miners like Barrick Gold (GOLD) and Newmont (NEM) will take off.

Call options on those stocks will go even higher.

And, of course, you can always consider buying physical gold itself.

One of the easiest ways to do that is through Hard Assets Alliance (HAA).

Open an account with them, and you can buy and sell everything from coins to bars with just a few clicks.

HAA will also store your holdings for you in one of their secure vaults… or send it to you, if you prefer.

Learn more here.

Just keep in mind that our close partnership with HAA means we may be compensated if you open an account.

But we joined forces with them because they offer the most convenient and affordable way to build a precious metals portfolio.

You might want to hurry, though.

Our entire team says a gold breakout is coming soon… and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

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