Monday Kickstart (8/22/2022): Top Articles. Subscription Tips. Upcoming Events.

Markets were underwater last week.

And so far this morning, the downtrend continues.

But here’s the crazy thing…

Even with stocks under pressure…

Inflation running wild…

And a (real) recession underway…

There are still hot spots in the market. And the smart money is still making money.

That’s why I think you’ll be very interested in the top articles this week.

Plus, I’ll also wave my arms to point out that Jim Rickards has a new outlook.

In fact, he’s been uncharacteristically bullish on certain sectors lately…

We’ll get into Jim’s thinking in a moment.

First, though, here are your top articles of the week.

Your Top Articles of the Week:

Remember,  we publish tens to HUNDREDS of articles. The write-ups above are our TOP articles for the week — including one that had been roped off from the public. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, make sure you’re caught up now.

And if you have any articles that you’d like to nominate for next week’s “Top 3” (or four), just reply to this email later this week.

Subscription Tips and Reader Mail!

You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers! (And if I don’t have em, I’ll get ‘em.)

Edward S. had this to say about Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence:

It is SO REFRESHING to READ THE TRUTH! Something I have been hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and when I HAVE BEEN able to find it, I've found it MAYBE in something like 3-4 other publications, AT BEST! Having said that, Mr. Rickards' writing tops them all.

Edward, that is SO REFRESHING to hear. Trying to discern between fact and fiction these days can be challenging. We’ve always known Jim to be a straight shooter — and we’re happy you agree!

We were also very happy when James Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory recommended selling shares of Trade Desk (TTD) for an amazing 1,121% profit.

Reader Eugene H. let us know he benefited from James’ pick:

I made $6,000 and plan to add it to my retirement fund. Keep up the quality research, recommendations, communication and great updates!

Eugene, it’s great to hear that you’re one step closer to your retirement goals. I have passed your accolades up the chain to James and his team… and I expect more big wins are around the corner.

Finally from the mailbag…

While we’re encouraged by the compliments we receive, we grow and improve through your critique. So we’ll always listen when someone says we’ve fallen short of the mark.

In fact, Bruce W. tells us:

Why can’t you stop boring us with your political beliefs and just give the options advice I signed up for? I don’t give a sh*t how you vote!!

Bruce, thank you for your honest feedback.

One of the best parts about being an independent publisher is that our analysts can write what they feel without censorship. And politics and investing go hand in hand, which is why our editors often express their beliefs.

This is especially so in a midterm year! So if you’re worried about seeing political content, you might want to duck your head for the next few months. That’s just reality.

In the mainstream, politics will be loud. And markets will be listening.

Still, I want you to know that your voice is being heard and your comments will NOT go unnoticed as we continue to build and grow. You can count on our research to be 100% authentic; you won’t find us pandering to one side or the other. We’ll cover real research and focus on results.

Now, here’s what’s happening around the water cooler this week…

The Water Cooler — Upcoming Events and More

Over the past few years, we’ve seen some of Jim Rickards’ most dire predictions come true.

The global pandemic… conflict in Eastern Europe… international supply chain disruption… and more.

So we weren’t surprised when he announced plans for a brand-new reveal this week.

What was shocking is that it has nothing to do with an impending market crash.

Instead — from what we’ve heard around the Paradigm Press water cooler — there are certain sectors (and stocks) with serious upside.

So what’s the big reveal? And what’s the new intelligence?

Jim plans to unveil his new research this week — through a special mailing list.

If you haven’t added your name to Jim’s list, you’ll want to do that right away:

Click here to be added to our list.

(Clicking the link above automatically registers you for the Insider Fortunes Summit, but does not obligate you in any way to attend the event. By reserving your spot, you will receive event updates. We will not share your email address with anyone. And you can opt out at any time. Privacy Policy.)

And that wraps up your Paradigm Press Concierge Weekly Update. Remember that you can always reach out to me by replying to this email.

Good investing,

Dustin Weisbecker
Director of Customer Experience

P.S. We’re also running out of spots to our Paradigm Shift Summit — our first live in-person event in years.

Join us Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the beautiful Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for a day of insights and analysis from all of our top editors.

Claim your FREE ticket here.

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