The Last Surprises of 2023

We’re still receiving praise for last week’s 7 Predictions Summit

And while it was easily our biggest and most informative event of 2023 — we’re not done yet!

In fact, we have more big announcements coming your way before the new year.

The first will completely change the way you think about investing — while giving you a chance to earn triple-digit gains in record time.

I’ll tell you more about it in a minute.

But first, here’s a look at our Top Stories and the Reader Forum.

Your Top Stories & Analysis of the Week:

  • “Wall Street’s Next Big Test'' (Daily Reckoning, Greg Guenthner): Greg sees a lot of similarities between today’s rising stocks and the COVID bubble — when prices rose sharply without any rhyme or reason. But knowing the rally won’t last forever is no reason to sit on the sidelines. Greg walks you through the history of the last melt up… and shares some of the great opportunities it’s creating for you today.
  • “Is the Uranium Rally Just Beginning?” (Rude Awakening, Sean Ring): With Wall Street so focused on oil and gold, they’ve completely overlooked what’s happening with uranium. Prices have absolutely skyrocketed, with no signs of slowing down. Sean explains what’s behind the run-up. He also tells you why it’s not just an investment opportunity but a national security failure!
  • “Paradigms 7 Prediction Summit”: It can’t be said enough — this was our best event of the year. Our team’s predictions covered everything from the war in Ukraine to the Federal Reserve’s next move. More importantly, the forecasts were tied to specific recommendations. If you want to get in at the best prices — for your chance at the biggest gains — you’ll need to act before our experts are proven right. So if you haven’t watched the Summit yet, check it out now!

Remember, we publish tens to HUNDREDS of stories. The write-ups and presentations above are our TOP ones for the week. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, make sure you’re caught up now.

And I’m putting together a list of our top stories for 2023. If you’d like to nominate one for that honor, just let me know at

The Reader Forum:

For our first bit of feedback today, Mary W. tells us in a recent survey:

I've been following Greg Guenther for so long I have lost count of how many years. He is reliable, knowledgeable and knows how to explain what he is doing with trades. I have learned so much about charts. I have a high regard for his ability to make my portfolio a winner in the long term.

Mary, thank you for your incredible feedback! While Greg’s Top Trades Live has only been around for a few weeks, he’s been guiding people through the markets for a long time.

We’re lucky to have him on our team… and it’s even better to hear from people who have benefitted from his wisdom. I look forward to sharing this with Greg and his team.

Next, as I mentioned, we’ve received positive comments about the 7 Predictions Summit. During the broadcast, a viewer typed into the live chat:

This has been one of the BEST webinars that I have been a part of in a long time! Outstanding job and KUDOS to all involved.

As Paradigm Vice Publisher Doug Hill said during the broadcast, it was probably easier to coordinate D-Day than it was to get our team’s schedule to line up for our event. So pulling it all together was no easy task.

Considering the amount of effort that went into it, we’re happy for every compliment we received.

Of course, not everyone loved what our experts had to say. For example, Tonatiuh E. tells us:

Why are you sending these dumb predictions that are most likely wrong? Especially about the war in Ukraine. You seem more ideologically motivated that you want Russia to win than actually analyzing the situation from a neutral position. Hope you don't send us more junk like this in the future.

Thanks for speaking your mind, Tonatiuh. But I’m wondering if you only skimmed through the broadcast or the recap, because our team shared all the research and analysis behind their predictions.

Byron King talked about Ukraine — and as a former U.S. Navy man, he has no love for Russia.

But he does keep in touch with people in military and intelligence circles. He also taps into non-Western news sources. The maps and battlefield photos he showed during the broadcast tell a different story than what you’re hearing from the mainstream press.

As always, you’re free to disagree with our team’s conclusions. Just don’t dismiss them entirely unless you can refute the facts they’ve uncovered.

And that wraps up this week’s Reader Forum.

Remember, your feedback is vital to our success… so please email me at

Questions? I’ll get answers! Comments? Let me hear them! Problems? I’ll try to solve them!

This is YOUR forum!

(And remember, for customer service issues, use our contact page.)

Now, here’s what’s happening around the water cooler this week…

The Water Cooler — Upcoming Events and More

A few weeks back, we invited you to join Top Trades Live, led by our leading technical analyst, Greg Guenthner.

Greg’s free weekly broadcast walks you through his charts… and pinpoints your best chances for profits.

But as Mary’s letter in the Reader Forum indicated, Greg has also been running a successful side project for many years. 

He’s collected a small, dedicated group of people who want to learn how to become better traders. And every day before the markets open, Greg hosts a live trading session with them.

They get the scoop on every pattern Greg sees forming that morning… and receive specific, actionable recommendations for playing what he sees ahead.

The results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Since May alone, Greg’s viewers have had a chance to see gains of:

  • 150% with Shopify Inc. (SHOP) in 11 days…
  • 200% with Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) in 10 days…
  • 245% with Unity Software Inc. (U) in 15 days…
  • even a stunning 429% gain with Rivian Automotive Inc. (RIVN) in just over a month.

In fact, Greg is currently sitting on the best track record in our business!

Only a precious few have had a chance to benefit from his wins, however.

That’s because Greg’s group has been closed to new members — until now!

In a few days, he’ll open membership to a limited number of people.

The catch is that he’s taking steps to ensure that only serious candidates apply.

If you’re not already benefiting from Greg’s daily wisdom — but want to! — keep an eye open for your invitation.

In the meantime, we’re off next Monday for Christmas and the week after that for New Year’s. So I plan to send special editions of the Concierge Letter to you.

Next week’s will also include details about a second surprise we have in store for you.

It will help you cash in on the next phase of Wall Street’s hottest trend… guided by three of the top names in the business (including Jim Rickards)!

Expect my email on Christmas morning!

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