Thunderdome: Gold vs. Bitcoin

Welcome to the Thunderdome, where two men enter, one man leaves!

On one side, our reigning champion — with over 5,000 years of history as a store of wealth.

Weighing in at 244,000 metric tons and worth a total of $14.548 trillion, please make some noise for GOLD!

Its opponent is a relative newcomer, barely over 15 years old — but it’s backed by science that may make it much more agile.

Sporting a total of 19,660,406 units worth $1.9 trillion, let’s hear it for BITCOIN!

Both spent years languishing in a wasteland. Now they’ve suddenly sprung to life… and people are choosing sides.

So who’s your champion?

In a minute, I’ll dig a little deeper into the fight card — sharing some of the pros and cons of each from our team.

Then I want to hear from you!

Before we get to that, though, let’s look at our Top Stories and the Reader Forum.

Your Top Stories & Analysis of the Week:

  • “DEI: Didn’t Earn It” (Rude Awakening, Sean Ring): DEI stands for “diversity, equity and inclusion” — corporate initiatives that sound good in theory but which have had devastating results. So Sean reveals a much more apt acronym, then explains it with a series of personal experiences. Corporate America has essentially shot itself in the foot… but Sean hopes people are finally starting to recognize the problem. He also admits that DEI programs have had one positive result...
  • “Warning: Your Crypto is at Risk!'' (Altucher Confidential, Chris Campbell): This story received more positive feedback than anything else we published last week! If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve just started buying cryptocurrencies, you might not know how to keep your portfolio safe. So Chris provides a complete checklist for protecting your digital assets from threats. You’ll get hardware and software tips, as well as strategies for spotting common scams. It’s your guide to surviving the digital Wild West.

Remember, we publish tens to HUNDREDS of stories. The write-ups and presentations above are our TOP ones for the week — including one that had been roped off from the public. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, make sure you’re caught up now.

And if you’d like to nominate any of our stories for next week’s “Top 3,” just let me know at

The Reader Forum:

First in the Reader Forum today, Omega Wealth Circle Member Pat B. tells us:

I finally got fed up with myself and started trading options on Jan 22, 2024. I want to thank you ALL!!! Since that date — basically 2 months — I have grown my accounts just under $35,000! And I’m looking forward to continuing and increasing that progress!

Wow, Pat, that's fantastic news! And I’m glad you’re now using your Omega Wealth Circle membership to its fullest.

I hope you saw Matt Insley’s reply in your Friday Executive Summary… because he’s as happy for you as I am. I wish you continued success, and I’ll share this with everyone at Paradigm.

Next up, Patrick N. has a reply to the polar opposite stories I featured last week:

I really enjoy reading both Chris Campbell’s [Bitcoin] and Byron Kings’ [precious metals] viewpoints. For almost no cost, I benefit from their time and experience. Having been a believer in Bitcoin from before Mt. Gox got hacked, I’ve hoped to see it gain use as a currency. For all of that, I don’t see it becoming a store of value. Byron King makes the most powerful argument: counterparty risk. Bitcoin has too many moving parts that can be exploited. 

Thanks for weighing in, Patrick! As you can probably tell, Bitcoin vs. precious metals has become a major topic around here (more in a moment).

But I think it’s important to note that our experts aren’t keeping their opinions to themselves. Instead, they’re sharing their valuable insights through our free e-letters. It gives even more people a chance to respond with their thoughts — which makes our community even stronger.

So I look forward to sharing this with Chris and Byron!

Finally for today, Darrell C. was a little confused by last week’s Concierge Letter as well as James Altucher’s A.I. 2.0 broadcast that we shared for free:

I was checking Fidelity Investments for Southern Copper Corp. (SCCO), and it was over $103 a share. So who do I believe? Also, James Altucher is recommending AMV. I can't locate AMV.

I’m happy to clear things up for you, Darrell.

First, Fidelity is right — SCCO was trading for $103 a share last week. (It’s up to $106 now.) If you ever want to double check a price for some reason, we offer stock quotes on our website. You can find SCCO’s price right here.

But I’m not sure why you wouldn’t believe Fidelity. I didn’t mention SCCO’s price in my writeup. All I said was that “its share price moves with copper’s price.” That doesn’t mean SCCO’s price matches copper’s…

As for the live presentation from the South by Southwest Conference, James discussed Advanced Micro Devices Inc. — symbol AMD.

It may have been hard to hear James because of the technical difficulties during the broadcast. So we posted the transcript here.

That wraps up this week’s Reader Forum.

Remember, your feedback is vital to our success… so please email me at

Questions? I’ll get answers! Comments? Let me hear them! Problems? I’ll try to solve them!

This is YOUR forum!

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Now, here’s what’s happening around the water cooler this week…

The Water Cooler — Upcoming Events and More

Lately, the talk around the Water Cooler reminds me of 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

No, our analysts aren’t in a post-apocalyptic fight to the death.

Instead, they’re watching Bitcoin and gold hitting new highs — competing for investment dollars every step of the way.

So our goldbugs and crypto enthusiasts are loudly cheering on their champion… while raucously predicting that the other won’t survive.

Both sides are making good arguments.

As I mentioned, gold has been considered a source of wealth for over 5,000 years. It’s also tangible money you can hold in your hand. 

Bitcoin is much younger, of course. It’s also much more portable. While gold requires physical storage space, Bitcoin exists in the digital cloud.

So if you have an internet connection, anywhere in the world, you have complete access to your cryptocurrency. It’s easier than dragging a safe everywhere you go…

Of course, you have limited investment dollars, which is why this debate is so important.

Bitcoin might just be a fad, set to erase every dollar that’s been spent on it.

Or it could be the future of money… making gold a barbarous relic unsuited for the digital age.

Which do you think will come out ahead in this brawl?

You can choose your Thunderdome champion in a quick two-question survey.

Share your opinion here.

I can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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