WANTED: Financial “Grizzly Bears”

“If you’re going to be a whale, be a killer…”

“If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly…”

Those are two mantras my mentor said often. 

And the point is simple…

If you’re going to be something, you should be world class.

Today, we’re looking for some financial killer whales and grizzlies.

Simply put, if you want to take your financial future into your own hands, there’s no better time than now.

And it all starts with knowledge. Knowing how to invest is the key to putting your hard-earned money to work.

You can buy shares of companies or assets you believe in, then watch your money grow.


If you’re brand-new to investing, you might be intimidated by your first steps.

And even if you have the basics down, maybe you’re not sure what’s happening with your stocks.

So today I’m proud to announce the newest addition to our series of free Wealth Desk reports.

In a minute, I’ll tell you why it’s worth checking out… whether you’re a Wall Street novice or a seasoned pro.

You’ll also have a chance to choose our next Wealth Desk report. 

Before we get to that, though, let’s take a look at our Top Stories and the Reader Forum.

Your Top Stories & Analysis of the Week:

  • “This Means War!'' (Daily Reckoning, Jim Rickards): A devastating and deadly attack on Israel by Hamas, an intelligence failure and a region-altering showdown. Jim dives into the ongoing events and the heavy assault that left over 1,500 casualties in its wake. He unravels the mysteries behind the escalation… including Iran’s suspicious involvement against the force they normally back. At the same time, he turns our attention to where the conflict will spill out and hit us hardest — the oil market (and, in turn, your gas bill.) The stakes have never been higher… 
  • “Five Rude Predictions” (Rude Awakening, Sean Ring): Sean gives you a look behind the curtain, revealing his big five predictions from our exclusive Paradigm Shift Summit in Las Vegas. He shares an unfiltered peek into the future as he questions the very foundations of our global order. From the rise of digital currencies challenging peace at our world borders, to the impending transformation of the US Military Industrial Complex… the global banking system is going to change in the next seven years — what will that look like? Sean’s forecasts explore geopolitical shifts that could redefine our world by 2030. 

Remember, we publish tens to HUNDREDS of stories. The write-ups and presentations above are our TOP ones for the week — including one that had been roped off from the public. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, make sure you’re caught up now. 

And if you’d like to nominate any of our stories for next week’s “Top 3,” just let me know at concierge@paradigmpressgroup.com.

The Reader Forum:

First from the mailbag today, Joe S. has kind words for Jim Rickards and Zach Scheidt:

Jim Rickards and Zach Scheidt are slot machines that are always tipped in their subscribers’ favor! – plain and simple. I am just approx. 3 months in with the Income Alliance and have recently signed up for all of Jim’s subscriptions due to the value derived thus far being in a different stratosphere. Having lost only a small amount on one trade – with every other trade being in the money – these men should be given medals of honor! 

Joe, thank you for the fantastic feedback and ironically, we just returned from Las Vegas so this couldn’t be more timely. 

I’m happy to hear that you’re doing well with the Income Alliance and thank you for your continued business and trust. 

You can bet I’ll be forwarding this to Jim and Zach. 

Next, on October 2nd Jim Rickards’ Crisis Trader closed out a put option on KMX for a 72.03% profit. Member Paul S. wrote in saying: 

Another win from the Paradigm service, Crisis Trader. This time Jim Rickards, Dan Amoss, and the team recommended a stock options opportunity that resulted in a 70% plus gain. Guys, thank you for all your good work, it's very much appreciated. It's hard to imagine that such a thorough service is still available in this day and age.

Thanks for reaching out, Paul and thank you for the feedback. 

A 70% win is certainly nothing to sneeze at. I don’t think there’s anyone more thorough than Jim and Dan. I’m happy to hear that you're finding success. 

I look forward to sharing this with both of them. 

Finally for today, while we’re encouraged by the compliments we receive, I’m also happy to answer your questions whenever I can.

This week, Michael M. asks: 

Where online do I find the most recent portfolio status? Please tell me the PATH to get there. Thanks!

Michael, great question and I’m more than happy to help! 

While I’m using Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential as an example, this is the exact process you’ll want to use to access any of our portfolios online. 

 I’ll provide detailed instructions below…

You can access our model portfolio along with everything else you need at the Technology Profits website.

Once you’re logged in, you will want to select “My Subscriptions”:

website instructions

And then select Technology Profits Confidential or whichever subscription you’re looking for from the drop-down menu:

website instructions

That will bring you to the Technology Profits homepage. To access the Technology Profits model portfolio, you will want to click the drop down menu and select “Portfolio”:

website instructions

You will then be brought to our main portfolio page. There you will find a list of the different portfolio categories and a notation as to whether they are open or closed. Simply click the portfolio you wish to view.

For example, for a list of all the open positions, you will want to select the first portfolio on the list:

website instructions

I hope that clears things up for you.

And that wraps up this week’s Reader Forum.

Remember, your feedback is vital to our success… so please email me at concierge@paradigmpressgroup.com.

Questions? I’ll get answers! Comments? Let me hear them! Problems? I’ll try to solve them! 

This is YOUR forum! 

(And remember, for customer service issues, use our contact page.)

Now, here’s what’s happening around the water cooler this week…

The Water Cooler — Upcoming Events and More

I’ve never invested in the stock market and don’t even have a clue how to start.”

How do I start with being able to pick something I want to put money on?”

“What is the difference between a ‘market order’ and a ‘limit order’?”

Our editors receive questions like these all the time. And while they address them as they come up, we’ve never had a single resource with all the answers.

That changes today, thanks to our newest Wealth Desk report.

As you probably know, our Wealth Desk is home to free reports that can help you become a better investor. 

We’ve covered finding a broker to help with your trades… and gave you a beginner’s guide to stock options.

Now we’ll walk you through every step of stock investing — from buying your first shares… collecting your first dividends… to selling for maximum gains.

You’ll also learn more about the forces that drive stock prices higher or lower — from earnings announcements to macroeconomic events.

So even if you have the basics down, you still might discover some new insights.

It’s called Stock Investing 101: Buying, Selling and Earning Income — and you can find it right here.

But that’s not all…

We’re planning our next Wealth Desk report… and I want your input!

I’ve put together a quick survey to learn which topic you’d like to learn more about. 

If you don’t like any of the options we’ve floated, feel free to suggest a different one.

Just click here to make your voice heard.

I’ll share the results in next week’s Concierge Letter.

In the meantime, stay world class.

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